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Comalytics is a leader in professional eCommerce solutions for small and large businesses since 2004!

Why is Comalytics a choice eCommerce provider?

  1. So it's easy to use! Ideal for any business that has something that needs to be sold - whether it's a small home industry with one product or a large enterprise with thousands of items - an online presence is essential and now achievable and manageable without having any IT qualifications!
  2. Its cost effective because it does not matter where you are, all you need is an internet connection. Because we are the only South African company focusing only on eCommerce, we have created a solution at a price that no other company will match.
  3. There are no hidden costs and no binding contracts with the option to discontinue the online shop at any time if you are unhappy.
  4. You will receive consistent and reliable technical support and expert advice both online and via telephone!

For more information on how to sell online visit or call +27 (21) 789-0201.